Three Little Kittens- A cute and cuddly rhyme for kids

‘Three Little Kittens’ is a beautiful English rhyme which illustrates the story of three cute kittens. The kid’s song is mostly attributed to an American poet Eliza Lee Cabot Follen and is said to be published in 1833 in the book ‘New Nursery Songs for All Good Children’. So, you can consider it as one of the oldest toddler songs as it originated in the 19th century. Some sources link this rhyme to Americans while others state that it has roots related to the British folk tradition.

The poem was then reworked to suit the needs of the 20th century children and now it is played as a nursery rhyme in many preschools. The story provides a fun way to learn a story and the repetition of rhythms makes the children joyful.

Lyrics and story:

The poem ‘Three Little Kittens’ is about the careless kittens that lost their mittens and their mother is angry about it. The mother denies giving them the pie until they have found the mittens. The kittens are sad about it but they find the mittens and are allowed to eat the pie. The kittens then eat the pie but get their mittens soiled and the mother is angry again. The kittens then wash their mittens to make their mother happy.

Takeaways for kids:

Though the poem is not among the best nursery rhymes and doesn’t have a particular storyline, it is fun to sing and the rhythm is catchy too. The rhyming words such as ‘kittens’ and ‘mittens’ make the poem easy and fun to sing and the children giggle while singing it. The ‘mee-ow’ and ‘purr-r’ in this rhyme are cute and toddlers love to act and enjoy these. ‘Three Little Kittens’ is a lively and playful toddlers song and has an appealing tone.

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Blue Whale Song for All the Little Marine lovers

The Blue Whale Song is an informative and interesting nursery rhyme. This kid’s song can be a very entertaining one for children who want to know more about the creature. It is a great sing-along rhyme and keeps the children involved while they listen to it.

This is one of the best nursery rhymes as it imparts great deal of knowledge about the largest mammal living on earth. The rhyme can be used as a tool for introducing the whale and its details. Cherry on top: you can add music and make it more melodious.

About the lyrics:

The children’s’ song is based on the life of a whale, its size, habitat, diet, and everything related. The poem starts with the phrases ‘I am the blue whale, I am the blue whale’ and then goes on to tell everything about it. The rhyme involves questions such as ‘What kind of animal am I?’, ‘How big am I?’ and ‘Where do I live?’ and then answers all of them. It is a fun way to teach kids as they’ll know everything about the whale and that too in a fun and playful way.

Lesson for kids:

The toddler’s song is very informative and allows children to imagine the world underwater. The ending gives a nice message to learn more about the whale for example in holidays a when they have some free time. For younger kids, the rhyme can act as a tool for speech development and will help the children develop auditory skills while listening to it. Also, when children will sing this beautiful rhyme, they develop cognitive skills and will be encouraged to learn more about various animals and things in the world.

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A Success Story of iTV Media Network

Whoever is aware of the media industry in India has definitely heard of the famous Kartikeya Sharma who is the founder and promoter of iTV network. He is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the media industry to run such a giant and successful media network, all by himself too.

Most people wonder who exactly Kartikeya Sharma is and how he managed all his achievements at such a young age. Alongside his hard work, dedication and motivation that he has put in, he also possesses a strong educational background as well. He is an Oxford University graduate and also holds a master’s in business degree from Kings College London.

Kartikeya Sharma’s iTV Network is surely a success story. It is home to all kinds of news channels and newspapers. It caters to regional as well as on a national level. The newspapers and the news channels are available in a variety of languages and are quite popular among the general public. It is no surprise then that his news channels and the newspapers are constantly in the limelight and have won various awards and received recognition at different levels.

The famous English Sunday newspaper, the Sunday Guardian is also from the iTV network, as well as the popular Hindi news channel India News. Moreover, Kartikeya Sharma maintains that the print media has an importance of its own. Thus, his company publishes Hindi as well as English newspapers as well.

Kartikeya Sharma has realized the importance of the right education along with the passion for the media industry. He has started the iTV School of Media and Management which provides a revolutionary concept in the media industry, where students will be provided with relevant media education. It requires them to study in the very environment they are expected to work in the future. The courses and work are conducted by professionals from the media industry who can guide the students towards promising careers.

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